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April 2014 Editorial

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Come April, come spring and the Horological Issue of this magazine. We have always had a strong clock contingent in the ACC. The concern with accurate timekeeping, whether for longitudinal or personal orientation, is something that continues to occupy many bright minds and technological talents. It seems extraordinary to remember that time was not synchronised across this country until comparatively recently, so that when journeying, watches had to be adjusted for, say, a half hour difference between Bristol and London. As with modern air travel, stagecoach passage of any distance produced variations that were significant but more gradually realised, avoiding the horse-drawn equivalent of jet lag. Now the only local variation is one of an hour in spring and autumn to adjust for the turning of the globe.
In the horological issue of ten years ago we remarked on the… View the full post

March 2014 Editorial

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This month’s special Ceramics and Glass issue pays tribute to Simon Spero’s fifty years of dealing and expertise in 18th-century porcelain. We also have Robin Hildyard’s long-sighted view of trends in ceramics collecting seen from the V&A, so a considerable number of years of serious ceramics experience have been brought to these pages. There are, additionally, articles on the pottery figures of the 1930s, and Nigel Benson continues his glass articles with Arts and Crafts Glass to follow up the Art Deco information of last month. As with all our special issues, we cover other subjects as well, so this month we look at tea caddies with the redoubtable Richard Gardner, not to mention Adrian Greenwood’s further details of books.
Short of a tour round a celebrated collection, we hope that this content diverts the reader enough to leave the… View the full post

February 2014 Editorial

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Sotheby’s have announced – on the Internet – that they chalked up a record year in 2013. A solid portion of their results came from Asian art, with that long-gone ex-colony Hong Kong contributing massively to them. But Beijing provided some records, too: an auction price record for a work by a Chinese modern master Zao Wou-Ki, along with the highest total ever achieved by a global arts business in mainland China. New York has been no slouch, either; France and Switzerland have contributed impressively to the modern art total and selling a Ferrari sports racing car for $14 million made the routine second hand car business look pretty stale.
Sotheby’s must be congratulated on the strategy they have adopted in moving their business into the big money. There is little relation between these far-flung contemporary art sales of celebrated… View the full post

Antique Collecting Article Index Available Online

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For the first time an index of all articles ever published by Antique Collecting is available online, directly from this website. The index, which has been maintained annually from 1966 until April 2013, lists articles according to their subject matter. Subjects covered include furniture, ceramics, clocks, jewellery and glass amongst many more.
Back copies of most magazines are available. For more information, please contact Jill Cousens on or 01394 389957.
To view the index, please see the link below:
Antique Collecting Article Index 2013… View the full post

ACC Art Bookstore App Released by Antique Collectors’ Club

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Antique Collectors’ Club is pleased to announce the release of ACC Art Bookstore, an iOS app selling visually stunning eBooks on art, antiques, fashion, design and photography.
ACC Art Bookstore takes advantage of groundbreaking Hipix® technology, which allows the digital reproduction of  high-resolution images at the fraction of their usual file size.
James Smith, Sales Director at the Antique Collectors’ Club said:
“Conversion of our existing content into hipix®-enabled books was a surprisingly simple process…providing extremely high value for our readers. The quality of the images in the digital books is stunning. We expect to expand our digital offering extensively in the upcoming months.”
Titles available to download include the best-selling British Antique Furniture, Postcards from the Edge of the Catwalk, Persian Rugs and Carpets and Photographing Fashion amongst many more.
For a limited period only, all books in the app are available to download for… View the full post

Make a Fourtune!

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Channel 4’s hit series Four Rooms is back and looking for people who want to sell their show-stopping items for life-changing amounts of money.
Do you own something unique or extraordinary that you want to sell?
The programme’s top dealers are ready to buy your antiques, collectibles and memorabilia – anything with a proven story! From paintings and furniture, to the weird and wonderful, well-loved collections to rare objects, or even the grotesque and macabre, the dealers are ready to part with their cash.
 To apply please call 01494 733 575or email… View the full post

Nov/Dec 2013 Editorial

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Read the November/December issue ONLINE!
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‘In a society where statisticians thrive, liberty and individuality are likely to be emasculated. Statistics, which is no more than State Arithmetic… is a system used to enable rulers to know just how far they may safely go in picking the pockets of their subjects.’
M. J. Moroney, Facts From Figures, revised edition, 1953
At the end of a year in which the economic situation is said to be improving, one is tempted to look forward with hopeful eye. This is despite the fact that the economic improvement is of a derisory nature (growth of one percent) when compared to the economic losses of previous years (down five percent or more). It is also possible that given their notorious unreliability, the statistics may be revised.  If one were to ignore these trifling percentages, listen… View the full post

Book Review – Eshu: The Divine Trickster

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This is a fully illustrated book about the spread of West African pagan imagin­a­tion and its artistic expression. The Yoruba of Nigeria created Eshu, a worshipful messenger god and spirit of mischievous tricks who paradoxically also protected travellers, particularly at cross­roads, and the rule of order. The sculptures that depicted him as a priapic figure, with much phallic symbolism, led to the denunciation (by Christian authorities) of the worship of him as a demonic act. How­ever, the association of Eshu with magical and sacrificial practices, along with inventive poetic legends about his devilish yet just behaviour, made him a cult figure. Black slaves took a variety of forms of him to Brazil, where he became an icon amongst practitioners of Can­domblé; similarly, Haiti and Cuba created shrines and depictions of Eshu from their own imagination. The power of this con­ceptual… View the full post