Antique Collecting March Editorial

John Andrews, Managing Editor of Antique Collecting, explores this month’s annual Ceramics Issue. This month we come round once again, with what seems like astonishing speed, to the annual Ceramics Issue. The membership of the ACC has always had a keen phalanx of ceramics collectors. At the last survey some 40 percent of respondees recorded porcelain as a major interest and 27 percent were keen on pottery.… Read the full article Read more

October 2012 Editorial

[gn_spoiler title=”Show October Contents” open=”0″ style=”1″][gn_table style=”1″ file=””] [/gn_table][/gn_spoiler] The arithmetic of buying at auction can furrow the brow. Recently I bought a late 17th-century walnut and elm chest of drawers 39 inches wide from a West Country firm of auctioneers. I bid for it by telephone. The photograph in the catalogue and on the internet showed a handsome chest of four mitred-panel drawers and bobbined mouldings, with small damage to the top edge moulding and other minor blemishes.… Read the full article Read more

September 2012 Editorial

[gn_spoiler title=”Show September 2012 Contents” open=”0″ style=”1″][gn_table style=”1″ file=””] [/gn_table][/gn_spoiler] This summer has seen more price records being broken by eager collectors. The famous and the fortunate chased enthusiastically after the exclusive and the exotic. It is a tribute to dealers, auctioneers and agents that the quality and range of fine things presented for sale is still so good. Whether it was at Olympia, Art Antiques London, Masterpiece, or smaller venues, or at auction, the rare and original shone brightly, with auctions grabbing the top spots in tussles for acquisition at new levels of expense.… Read the full article Read more

July/August 2012 Editorial

The financial clouds gathering over the southern Eurozone, lit by flashes of citizen protest and rumbling with political thunder, loom on the summer horizon like an oppressive and threatening storm. Contradiction and paradox abound. Forecasts range from the ruinous to the reassuring, reminding one that no forecast is ever exactly right except by chance. During these Jubilee, Antique Exhibition and Olympic days I have seen advice to sell everything, including my house, in order to acquire cash; alternatively to acquire more of everything, including houses and even antiques, but not cash, especially not Euros.… Read the full article Read more

June 2012 Editorial

[gn_frame align=”left”][/gn_frame]This month the high water mark for antiques is enhanced by the Diamond Jubilee celebrations being held to honour the Queen. The celebrations are varied and widespread, anticipating that further public attention will be diverted to the Olympic Games, which start in July. From the point of view of this magazine, we have not imposed a special Jubilee issue on our subscribers, who will find other Jubilee material abundantly available, but we do have an article appropriate to this month in Clare Durham’s ‘Royal Commemorative Ceramics’. … Read the full article Read more